Bulding for Generations Fund

The Building for Generations fund was initially started some years ago by the Stewardship Committee because there was no source of funds to allow basic maintenance and repairs. Subsequently, a special project was undertaken, and completed, to replace the roof over the main sanctuary and the annex (the steeple has yet to be addressed). Other projects facilitated by monies from this fund include replacement of the fire escapes, outside work on the Church grounds, purchase of new floor mats in the vestibule, contributions to refinishing the floor in the Lecture Hall and excavation and repair of damaged waterlines into the Church building. These projects could not have been completed with funds from our regular operating account. Our focus from here on in will be towards other emergency repairs that will inevitably arise in our Church building.

We wish to thank all the people who have contributed, and continue to contribute, to this fund and worthy project, through their generous donations. As you may well imagine, with the completion of the much-needed repairs, the Fund itself has diminished in size. We are hoping to maintain and build upon the Fund so that we will be prepared for any emergencies, which may come our way, and for other projects within our Church in future.

If you wish to make a contribution, we encourage you to do so. Building for Generations Fund envelopes are available in the sanctuary and at the church office, or you can make a donation by calling the church office at 709-579-3682 or downloading and mailing the donation form. Such a donation to the fund is a great way to remember a birthday, anniversary or special event, or as a memorial to a loved one.

Donation Form

Once again, we wish to thank all who have supported, and continue to support, the Building For Generations Fund and the church's vision of preserving the heritage of Wesley United Church for generations to come.