Heart and Hands

Under the ministry and leadership of Rev. Karen Thorne, our Sunday School went through a transformation and, the result, is our Hearts and Hands program. The name symbolizes and connects with an important message - that love and action, together, can make a better world. Debra Sparkes-Mercer, Alice Noftall, Dorothy Lewis and Chris Bennett are our committed leaders and teachers and have developed a wonderful rapport with our young people. Using the Whole People of God curriculum, they provide a faithful and loving environment in which our young people can explore and develop as they begin their faith journey.

Our Hearts and Hands children participate in the morning worship service before heading downstairs for the rest of their program. Rev. Bill introduces the theme for the program through his time with the children and the children then share the Christ candle flame from the sanctuary to light the Christ candle in the Hearts and Hands room downstairs.

Hearts and Hands is a place where the children can learn the important messages of the Bible, learn to worship and to pray. It is a place where they can feel welcome and cared for, where they can make and build friendships. It is a place for fun as well!  

Hearts and Hands invites all children who come into our church, whether you attend on a regular basis, from time to time or are a visitor among us, to join us. There is a welcome for everyone!

For the last several years, the Hearts and Hands members have held a Pink Gift Service on the Sunday closest to Valentine's Day. The theme of the service is Love and our church family is invited to bring non-perishable food items to the service, wrapped in pink paper, to present to Bridges to Hope, the United Church Food Bank.